TFI Friday 20 May

This week has mostly been a good week, I think, although I have had a serious case of baby brains!

My three positive vibes this week are:

I’m really pleased with how well making more than 6 dozen cupcakes went this week.  I made them to take into my son’s class at school to make Coeliac Awareness Week.  His is a double class, with over 50 children, plus lots of staff (there seem to be more teachers and assistants in there every week, which is great!), so that was a lot of mixing, baking, cooling and decorating.  They were all gluten free and I think they were my best batch yet – even though I was making the mix in quadruple quantities at a time!  They went down very well, with the adults  as well as the kids, and I managed to get info packs into the bookbags of the whole class too. Hurrah!

I had so much fun doing a bump cast this week – a much needed good laugh.  now the hard work of smoothing and decorating begins!  To top it off, once I’d finished the bump casting, I dropped off a silver handprint pendant to a client in the next street who was absolutely over the moon with her bespoke jewellery!

I’m looking forward to Sunday, when I will be exhibiting at the local baby show.  I’m hoping to pick up lots of local clients, especially since it’s in the venue I always did best in with my meditaiton and sound therapy business.  Fingers crossed!

Happy Friday everyone!  Don’t forget to pass on the positivity 🙂

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