There may be trouble ahead ….

Nice trouble, but trouble all the same.

My daughter has discovered several things recently.  She has discovered she can roll over by design instead of just by accident.  She has discovered the balance necessary not just to sit up unaided, but to do so whilst bouncing around to music – she sometimes looks like a womble.  She’s also discovered the desire to move, and this is where I suspect we might in for some trouble.

She has been trying to crawl for a few weeks now.  The other day, she spent ten minutes trying to inch forward to reach the ball that had rolled away from her.  She just needed to move a few centimetres and when she finally managed it, she caught the ball with her fingertips and it rolled away again.  Cue much ager, frustration, tears and tantrums.  She was five months old yesterday and at 1am this morning, she realised she needed to get her knees involved in her endeavours to move.  So she did.  Just once.  She crawled just one “pace”, with one side of her tummy on the floor and one side off.  Satisfied, she decided that it was finally time for bed.

Over the last couple of days, she’s also been making it clear that crawling will not be enough.  She wants to stand for much of the time.  When sitting on the floor, if we hold her hands, she will push herself up to a standing position and then stand with her feet flat on the floor (not with her toes curled under, as I would expect).  She likes to bob up and down to music like this, I discovered yesterday.  We were at a show, and there was a jazz band playing in the corner of the room, and she demanded to dance.  The other day, she managed to hold herself up by holding on to the sofa. Oh my.

Also yesterday, she was sitting on my knee, whilst I was sitting on the floor.  She pushed herself forward, off my knee and stood up, whilst holding my hands.  It’s becoming clear that increasingly she is using our hands for balance only.  She knows exactly where she wants to be and is working out how to do it.

I’m now taking bets on when she’ll start to walk.  I think I might be in for a shock – my son didn’t walk until he was nearly 16 months, having been quite content to crawl, which he could do at a heck of a pace.  I suspect we won’t get away with that this time around.  The current reigning bid is that she’ll be walking by nine months.

Is this the first sign that I have the daughter my mother warned me about?

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