It’s funny how things happen sometimes. A couple of weeks ago, I attended our new local networking group, Mumsclub.  I wasn’t able to make the first meeting of the new group, but made sure I was available for the second meeting.  The organiser, Amanda, had invited along one[…]

Earlier today I read a post over on the Lactivist blog about one woman’s recent trip to Mothercare and her dismay at the information leaflets she found there, which gave advice about bottlefeeding, but not breastfeeding.  After some digging around online she found Mothercare’s breastfeeding advice leaflet, and[…]

Today’s post is all about something I wasn’t involved in. Well, apart from buying the tickets, that is. It’s not often Bean and his Daddy get to spend some good quality boy time together, just the two of them, but I think they more than made up for[…]

Cupcake Heaven … Today was the day of my cupcake decorating workshop, and I had a thoroughly enjoyable three hours surrounded by buttercream, fondant and glitter.  The idea was to learn the technique for perfect buttercream icing as well learning how to make fondant decorations for the top.[…]

ooh, nearly forgot about this today!  So, my three psitive vibes for this week are …. 1. I am reeallly looking forward to my cupcake decoration class tomorrow.  I’m hoping by the end of it, I’ll be able to create the designs

Well, I’ve posted a few times about my need to forulate a coherent plan for the future instead of having all of these ideas floating around my head, fighting each other for position.  I was uncharacteristically decisive this week and decided on the main focus of my energies[…]