Clever little girl Tried so hard to make it work Rolled over today.

If you thought something (not someone) was hurting your child, I imagine your gut reaction would be to try and stop it.  I know it’s mine.  Which is why it’s so hard when you can’t do that. My son is still unwell.  He has diarrhea, and has had[…]

It’s Friday again, and so time for my new Friday Feature. Today’s three things: I am grateful that my daughter has stopped being sick and that my son, although not 100% better, is much improved on yesterday.  I’m also grateful that no-one else in the family seems to[…]

Well, this isn’t the blog post I had planned to write today; that will have to wait for another day now.  Today has not gone according to plan at all. I don’t normally take my son to school in the mornings; my husband takes him on his way[…]

Just a quick post today to tell you about the response I have received from the BBC to the complaint I sent them about Glutengate (you can read about it in Shame on You, Aunty Beeb on this blog, as well as the post Michelin Starred Chef Binges[…]