Going Against the Grain

If you thought something (not someone) was hurting your child, I imagine your gut reaction would be to try and stop it.  I know it’s mine.  Which is why it’s so hard when you can’t do that.

My son is still unwell.  He has diarrhea, and has had since Thursday lunchtime.  He’s been getting better, so I’m not worried as such, especially since I have a hunch what may be causing it.  There have been a few clues coming together recently that he may have Coeliac Disease, like me.  His initial blood test is next week.

So, I believe that gluten is hurting him.  My gut reaction is stop feeding him gluten and give him alternatives.  It wouldn’t be difficult, since I already eat a completely gluten free diet.  But I can’t do that.  If he goes on a gluten free diet before his blood test, the result may be affected.  The test is actually looking for antibodies, which are not present in someone without Coeliac Disease, but they are also not present in someone with the condition, if they are no longer eating gluten.  To get a diagnosis (or to find out what is the matter if not CD), he has to continue to eat gluten.

I find it so hard at the moment, especially over this last week – if he has the condition, the only way to get a diagnosis is to continue to feed him the very thing which is making him ill.  I feel like a bad mother.


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