TFI Friday 8 April

I have been wondering what today’s post would be about and whilst enjoying a quiet coffee on my own whilst Sugar Plum remains asleep in my bed upstairs, I came up with this idea.  So, TFI Friday is born.  So named, not because I’m glad it’s the end of the working week, because weeks don’t work like that for me anymore, but it seems like a good day to sum up.

I hope this will become a weekly thing, and that others will take the chance to join me.

This is how it works – give us a list of three things – things you are grateful for or about this week or things you’re looking forward to before next Friday.  You can give as much or as little explanation as you wish.

I will provide a little linky-loo on my post, so if you are taking part, come and leave your link for others to find.  If you want to add a link widget on your own post, you can do (even better!).


So, here’s my first TFI Friday list

1. I am grateful that Sugar Plum is still asleep in my bed, having had a good night’s sleep too, and that I have the unusual chance to enjoy a coffee on my own.

2. I am grateful that a franchise event I was supposed to be going to next week has been cancelled, because it clashed with something else and now I don’t have to juggle.

3. I am looking forward to collecting my new glasses next week, because a) they are pretty cool imo, and I might actually wear them, instead of always wearing my contact lenses and b) they are the right prescription, so I might actually be able to see through them, unlike the ones currently adorning my face which are several years out of date and held together with glue after the frames crumbled one morning when I picked them up! (I am as blind as a bat, and have to ensure that my glasses are put in the exact same place on my bedside table each night, otherwise I can’t see to find them in the morning!)

Will you join me?

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