Hands up all those who took footprints or hand prints of their babies when they were tiny.  I bet most of us have.  Mine are tucked away in a now bulging-at-the-seams keepsake box (which is actually a pretty large storage box!), in amongst the pictures, cards and other[…]

Green fingered youngsters are being challenged by Have a Lovely Time and NurtureStore to see who can grow the tallest sunflower (much like Blue Peter of old). Anyone can join in – families, schools, groups and organisations by simply donating £2 to Wolverhampton’s Compton Hospice through their JustGiving page. In return, you’ll receive sunflowers seeds, an information pack and fun activities to download from NurtureStore.

This is just a quick one, so to speak. Did you know (and I bet you didn’t) that I have a brand new gluten free cooking blog, called The Sated Coeliac, full of taste-tastic gluten free recipes, mouth-watering photos, and news and such from the gluten free world?[…]

London households throw away a staggering 200,000 tonnes of disposable nappy waste every year and this costs Londoners approximately £20 million annually. Real Nappies for London points out what a waste of money this is, and also points to the fact that cloth nappies,washed and dried in an eco-friendly way, have 40% less global warming impact than disposables.

Last week I posted about a cake I made, a rich, gluten free chocolate fudge cake. Apart from being a lovely indulgent treat for this coeliac, it was an entry into a Shibaguyz Designz competition to promote International Crochet Month. The challenge was to spread the word about ICM in as creative a way as possible. There were several hints that cake would be looked upon favourably.