Why Don’t You …

just turn off the TV and go and do something more interesting instead ….

Remember that programme?  I was always confused at to whether or not you were supposed to turn off the TV straight away or wait until the end of the programme.

Anyway, this post is not about some age old kids’ TV programme.  It’s more about the “why don’t you turn off the TV ..” aspect of it all.  As in “Why don’t you turn off the TV and get involved in a worldwide fun project instead?”

One Million Giraffes is such a project.  A mad, hairbrained scheme to collect a million giraffes before the end of the year.  The great part of this is that, for the creation at least, it requires the TV and computer to be left behind; giraffes must be drawn or otherwise created without the use of techology.  Anyone can join in, and you can submit one or a hundred and one (or even a million!) giraffes.  Pictures can contain any number of giraffes and can showcase fantastic artwork or hurried scribbles, and everything else in between.  I know there are some talented people out there who could knit a giraffe, or create a collage of fabric to form one, or sculpt one etc.  The other rule is that the giraffe cannot be bought from a store – it must be produced by you.  If you make something (i.e. rather than draw one), you’ll also need to provide evidence that you made it (photo evidence maybe?).

We started our submissions this week.  The giraffe below was drawn by my 4 year old son.  He loves to draw but we’ve not seen anything recognisable before now.  We showed him the Million Giraffes website and asked if he wanted to join in and he said yes.  We gave him some pens and paper and he sat down and began.  First he drew the long, savannah grass and then the bright, hot sun.  Then he asked for clarification about how to draw a giraffe.  A body, 4 legs, a long neck and a head.  (He wasn’t much interested in a tail or ears to be honest).  And then he wrote his name on it.

And we were so proud.  So proud.  It’s just as well that you only have to submit a photo of your picture for this project, because there’s no way in the world we are letting this picture go.

bean's Giraffe

You can read more about the project here.  I’d love to see everyone taking part in this, so I’d like to issue a challenge.  If you’ve read this post, create your own giraffe, or get your children to, or embark on a family project.  Blog about your creation – feel free to leave a link in the comments here – and sumbit your contribution to the project (it’s very easy to do!).

I’m thinking about my contribution and will get to work on it soon (though don’t expect anything too special!).

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