I haven’t been feeling great recently, well, for the last few months.  Too much stress combined with illness and probably not enough sleep haven’t really helped matters.  The illness has been the worst I think; I have several “things” which I will always have that often have no[…]

New to Barefoot Books this week is the fantastic large format peepo board book, Who’s in the Garden?, written by Phyllis Gershator. This playful peepo book leads little ones from one surprise to the next as they are invited to peek through the holes on every other page[…]

SL and I don’t celebrate Valentines Day, for several reasons; the over-commercialism, the fact that we already know how we feel about each other, and because it is so far removed from what the day was supposed to be about. Bean, however, is quite keen on it, in[…]

End of half term today.  This is good news.  Very good news.  It also meant that most people had scarpered already when I left at 4pm and went to pick up Bean from the nursery on campus. He was sitting at the table waiting to eat his tea,[…]

As you know, I love to cook and I feel lucky that Bean seems to have inherited this from me.  He sees me in the kitchen, cooking food he loves every day and he asks so many questions about it all.  What the different ingredients are, why I’m[…]