I’m late posting this, because I wasn’t well yesterday. So here’s yesterday’s 100 Happy Days post: Today’s Happy Day comes courtesy of my postman, once again. This morning he brought me a prize I won in February’s Ambassador Challenge at Barefoot Books – a prize I was desperate[…]

A-Z Challenge letter: J – Judging     I need to get something off my chest. I was sparked into action by reading of another Mum’s experience in a shop where an assistant chose to pass comment on her parenting decisions. I have three children – which is[…]

A to Z Challenge Letter: I – Interview     In the by now traditional interviewing of my children, here is the latest interview with Plum. It’s only the second one she has done, but they make me laugh. Who knows, next year, maybe PK will join in[…]

A-Z Challenge letter: G – Grayling     Towards the end of last month, I read an article on Politics.co.uk about Justice Secretary Chris Grayling’s decision to ban prisoners have books sent in from “outside”. Any book. Any prisoner. There have been many rule changes made regarding prisoners recently,[…]

A-Z Challenge letter: F – Family Friendly     I’m often asked what I do to earn money whilst I home educate Bean and look after Plum and PK, so I thought I would write about it again, since it’s been a while and things have moved on too.[…]