Didn’t get chanced to post this yesterday, so here are yesterday’s Happy Days pictures. We went to my brother’s house for lunch which, unbelievably, is the first time we’ve seen him this year! All the children really enjoyed seeing each other again – they all play so well[…]

A-Z Challenge letter: Q – Qiblah     I struggled with what to post about for Q, much like many other A-Z Challenge participants I suspect. So I drew on my previous career in teaching about religion – they must be plenty of Q words in there, surely?[…]

A simple one today. Whilst the pictures were taken at the allotment, it’s not really allotment based. Today is more about seeing my children having fun outside, getting dirty, enjoying themselves …. When we got home, Plum was more dirt than human – she spent her time digging[…]

A-Z Challenge letter: P – Products     Recently, I saw this article about new products on the baby market – a selection of the new products offered by the 3000 or so exhibitors at the ABC Expo in Las Vegas earlier this year. Now, I haven’t seen[…]

Today started with a trip to our favourite “local” butcher (actually a 25 minute drive away), to stock up the freezer – a whole loin of pork, 5kg of chicken fillets and 2kg of lean minced beef. When we buy in bulk like this we get prices and[…]

A-Z Challenge letter: O – Owl     I’ve been waiting to share this for a while. I came across this crochet pattern a little while ago whilst I was searching for a pattern for something else, and thought it would be brilliant for my mother-in-law, who collects[…]