that make me love being a WAHM. I mean, I love it anyway, but there are some days that make me sigh with satisfaction, and today was one of them. The day started off with me loading my car

You thought that you could mould me and make me just like you, but I escaped your clutches: I had a different view. I wanted something extra, someone strong and loyal and true. You said that I betrayed you when that someone wasn’t you.

It was a busy day here at Barefoot Towers – flute making, casting, barbecuing and fun in the sun. So I’m just going to post some pics of Plum and Bean. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

A very quick post today because I’ve been out all day, and am tired. Plum has been unwell all week and if by turns very grumpy and very tired. But anyway. I helped someone!

I wrote the following as a note on Facebook yesterday.  And then I saw the evening news, and decided it needed a larger audience.  The media seems to be state-run when it comes to covering the strikes over pensions, so much so that I genuinely think the majority[…]