I read this article recently about tongue tie and the delays parents experience in getting treatment for their child. I’ve seen a lot of articles about it recently.  I’ve put off writing about this because it still feels so close and raw at times, but it is important.[…]

I was searching through some old blog posts last night, looking for some inspiration for something else. The blog is a few years old now and there are quite a number of posts and inevitably, I had forgotten all about some of them. One such post leapt out[…]

When I look back at being a first time Mum, and a second time Mum, I think that I was probably, quite relaxed about things. Not about everything, and not to say that I didn’t worry constantly about this life that I had responsibility for, but there were[…]

I was so scared of feeding my son, but we tried.  And we kept trying over the next four or five days, each time feeling that it wasn’t working, he still couldn’t latch on, it was never going to work. I hadn’t realised at the time that he[…]

I got my antibiotics, and also started to hand express some milk to try and feed Sid with.  It was becoming so painful to feed him that I had tears in my eyes. We struggled over the weekend trying to get through a very difficult situation. On Monday[…]

Later that day we were released from hospital and we went home to start life as a family of five. I was very sore after the operation, in more pain than the previous times, which was due to the amount of manipulation that had been done to get[…]