My kids often say odd, weird, funny, out of the blue things, and I usually forget to make a note of them, which is a shame, because I suspect I could write a book based on the things they say. Today though, I am here, making a note[…]

*gasp* “Don’t worry Mummy, I will fix this.” “What have you done Plum?” “Nothing. Of course I’ve done nothing Mummy”   Hmn, time to find out what the damage is then!

Mummy, have you already written your will?  Are you leaving me your Kindle? Gee, thanks Bean. Go back to bed!

“Plum, get your finger out of your nose”   I’m just finding me a Loony Tunes!  

  Mummy, if you were funnier, you could be a comedian.   Well, thank you for that Bean. Much appreciated.