Or “The Great Shoe Hunt”. Sometimes, it pays to know people who know about stuff. When it comes to finding gorgeous shows for a little girl with tiny feet, this is definitely the case. I would normally never consider buying shoes on the internet for my children; I[…]

Having said I was going to wait a little while to get Plum’s feet measured, I caved in and took her to Clark’s today.  She is a size 3H. Just.  Clark’s first walkers range starts mainly at size 4, with a couple of styles in a 31/2 and[…]

well, these feet were made for walking, at least. And when I say these feet, I mean my daughter’s feet, of course. Next week she will reach the ripe old age of eleven months and this week she has been busy perfecting the art of walking. About a[…]

Everywhere I look there is wool in my house. I currently have five different projects on the go. Three of them are all but finished. Last month’s shrug is still waiting to be stitched together, after I tried to do it too late at night and stitched the[…]