I wrote recently about the plans I had made for Samhain, bearing in mind Bean’s request to make more of the festivals. I planned, and we did – well, most of it; it turned out that my plans rather outstretched the stamina of the children! Bean had the[…]

A little early, but this week’s Wordless Wednesday is dedicated to my much-missed grandparents in honour of Samhain.

We always try and do something special as a family for Samhain, although we haven’t always managed it. Bean has been asking that we make more of our festivals though, and we’re pleased he wants this, so we have been trying to do more. So I’ve been planning[…]

Today is Samhain (pronounced Sow-in), the Celtic Day of the Dead.  It is a time for honouring our ancestors and remembering loved ones no longer with us.  It’s the reason we don’t celebrate Hallow’een – the day has real meaning for us, and we celebrate as a family. […]