This is a lovely summer gluten free dessert, lighter than cheesecake and very easy to make.        

One thing that is definitely missing from most coeliac menus is a decent pudding. If you attempt to eat out on a regular basis, you’ve probably been offered any number of boring fruit salads. Make up for fit by creating delicious, easy puds at home that can be[…]

We love tagine, the North African one-pot dish. There are load of varieties, but this is one of our favourite – it produces a lovely fruity, sticky tagine packed with flavour. Traditionally, of course, it would be served with cous cous, but we serve with either brown rice[…]

When I met my husband, there were lots of foods he claimed not to like. Pork was one of them. The only one I have yet to change his mind on is sweetcorn, but I’m working on it 😉 Anyway, he now loves pork and requests this particular[…]

This is my son’s favourite meal, without a doubt. We’ve stopped asking him to choose what we have to eat, because the answer is always the same – pasta bake. The gluten free pasta bake I make changes, depending on what is in the fridge and whether today[…]

These are ridiculously easy to make and taste fantastic. We don’t normally have them dipped in chocolate, but on this occasion, my eldest requested it.