We seem to be properly back in the swing of things now and have been cracking on with lots of learning this week. Bean has got back into his maths and is reading as much as he always does. He picked his new research topic last week, and[…]

We’ve been home educating since November – eight months already! Time flies! In November, we had Bean who was 7, Plum who was 2 and PK who was 11 months, so really, the only one being educated was Bean – the little two needed nothing more than plenty[…]

I haven’t been as good at taking photos for this project as I had intended – we get caught up in what we’re doing and I forget to take a photo. I think it’s fair to say it’s going to take more than 100 days to get to[…]

Today, Plum finished map 3 on Reading Eggs. We don’t play Reading Eggs every day – she’s only 3 after all, so there’s really no rush to get her reading. So today, she completed the map and then there’s a quiz at the end of each map. I[…]