My kids often say odd, weird, funny, out of the blue things, and I usually forget to make a note of them, which is a shame, because I suspect I could write a book based on the things they say. Today though, I am here, making a note[…]

Just over a year ago, I asked my then four year old son a series of questions.  You can read his answers in the post “Interview with a Four Year Old“.  I thought it would be fun to see how much things have changed in the 14 months[…]

I came across an idea I like today.  an idea I like a lot, in fact. Mesina Sanders of And then there was me has a new feature on her blog called Ask Me.  Basically, you ask her whatever question you like, no matter how bizarre, odd, sane[…]

I’ve read a few blog posts recently where people have interviewed their young children and then reported the results, so here are the (brief) results of my interview with Bean this afternoon. How old are you?  Four How old are Mummy and Daddy?  Don’t know *thinks some more*[…]