Here we are on a Friday evening, kids playing, adults happily listening to music from my car playlist which has, this evening, decided to play lots of things we haven’t heard for aaaaages. It’s all good. And then PK gets excited about the fact that he doesn’t wear nappies anymore,[…]

Being pregnant can be an emotional minefield – even when a pregnancy is straightforward. When there are real concerns, the effect can be magnified, and the last thing we need when we’re pregnant is to be stressed about things! I had three fairly straightforward pregnancies. There were some risk[…]

I’ve already blogged about Pumpkin (new baby’s new blog nickname, as suggested by Grandma) and his struggle with weight. But this post began writing itself at the baby clinic this afternoon, right after a comment from another Mum which made me flinch inside. Whilst I was pregnant (during[…]

To celebrate the re-launch of my range of guided meditations for pregnancy, I have ten download codes to give away. There are nine meditations in the range, which were written especially to address the stages, changes and emotions of pregnancy. There are three for each trimester and each[…]