March has been and gone, April has well and truly started and it’s time to see if I met any of my goals for (Inter)National Crochet Month, which I set out in this post. I think it might be fair to say that I was a little ambitious[…]

A little bit of a strange post, this one, but not to worry, because it involves cake – and chocolate cake at that. As you’ll know by now, March is National Crochet Month in the US, and I’ve been getting involved even though I’m here in little ole[…]

So, even though it’s not actually National Crochet Month here in the UK, I decided to take part and so far it’s going well. I joined up on Ravelry (why didn’t I know this existed before?) and then joined in a Crochet Along.  The idea is to choose[…]

Hello again.  It’s March 1st, a new month.  It’s going to be a very busy month, with lots of new challenges ahead of  me, including beginning my breastfeeding peer supporter training (which starts this week!). March makes it time to kick off my back-to-business schedule in earnest –[…]