So, I’ve posted previously about my foray into square foot gardening, and my attempts to grow as much of our food as possible this year. Quite an ambitious goal for someone who struggles to keep anything non-human alive! I posted about the building and filling of new raised[…]

This is the story about my new son’s entrance into this world. When I first started writing it, it was a single post about the birth and my reaction to it, but it quickly became clear that it would be more than one post.  And then my son[…]

This is something I think about from time to time, but was asked about this yesterday, which got me thinking again. If you were to change your first name, what would you change it to? For me, the meaning of a name is important.  When choosing the names[…]

Some people reading this won’t know much about me at all and some people will know a lot more than this blog reveals. So, I thought for today I would give a little bit more insight into who I am. It’s unlikely, to be honest, that you’ll know anything of any consequence by the end of this list, but hey, info is info 🙂

Hi.  I’m Mahala. You can read more about me on the “about me” page. This is just a quick first post to say hello and tell myself what I’m doing here.  This blog is for me, for when I have something to say (which seems to be often[…]