Kids say the funniest things sometimes don’t they? Or odd. Weird. Plum is a master of coming out with things that make me laugh.  Recent examples are:       Mummy, I just want to feel your boobs! thankfully, not said out in public.   Mummy, would you[…]

How’s your week been? We’re getting back in the swing of things after the summer break – our groups have all started back up, and we’ve joined some new ones, so there’s plenty going on. This month, we seem to be “welcoming” the terrible twos, courtesy of 21[…]

Geocaching Adventures This week has been a busy one and I’ll no doubt be posting about it in the near future. But here’s what we got up to last Sunday, to kick off our week. You’ll know that we love Geocaching if you pop by here regularly. August[…]

It’s been a busy week this week, what with all the sessions and classes the children have been attending this week and the trips we’ve made. Earlier this week, Bean attended a two hour football skills session provided by Tesco and the FA. He never really got the[…]

Welcome to This Parenting Lark – my new weekly link-up for your parenting posts. Leave a link to your favourite/best/most popular post on parenting from the last week and try to visit one or two of the other links too. Your posts can be about an aspect of[…]