Going from posting once a day in January to hardly posting at all in February was not what I had planned, and it’s far from ideal. I think I took a bit too much on board. Hot on the heels of completing the Ultimate Blog Challenge, I entered[…]

Kids are both feeling poorly Husband feels ill too Think I am going insane   A bit of a cheat-post today – son off school with stomach bug, daughter suffering from the same, husband seems to have a stomach bug/fluey type thing.  I’m exhausted and have an ongoing[…]

It’s Friday again, and so time for my new Friday Feature. Today’s three things: I am grateful that my daughter has stopped being sick and that my son, although not 100% better, is much improved on yesterday.  I’m also grateful that no-one else in the family seems to[…]

Well, this isn’t the blog post I had planned to write today; that will have to wait for another day now.  Today has not gone according to plan at all. I don’t normally take my son to school in the mornings; my husband takes him on his way[…]