On Saturday, I had the unenviable task of taking Plum to A&E. Again.  She and Bean had been playing a game and at some point, Plum was captured by a dragon. She called to Bean, who came to her rescue and grabbed her outstretched hand and pulled her[…]

Later that day we were released from hospital and we went home to start life as a family of five. I was very sore after the operation, in more pain than the previous times, which was due to the amount of manipulation that had been done to get[…]

Eventually, we finished in the theatre and I was taken to recovery and got some skin-on-skin time with my son and was able to feed him for the first time. However, before long I was being hooked up to machines – my blood pressure was too low, and[…]

It’s Friday again, and so time for my new Friday Feature. Today’s three things: I am grateful that my daughter has stopped being sick and that my son, although not 100% better, is much improved on yesterday.  I’m also grateful that no-one else in the family seems to[…]

visit A&E. Ahh, it’s been a while since I’ve had to visit A&E due to my clumsiness, but yesterday I renewed my acquaintence. They’ve had a refurb since I was last there, and I felt a little out of place, but I think that might be a good[…]