Bean began reading the Harry Potter books last year and was immediately hooked on them. He finished book 7 two days ago. He is 8 years old and they captured his imagination. I can’t remember the last time a day went by when Harry didn’t play a part[…]

Today has been a fab day and one the whole family has been looking forward to. Today we went to the Harry Potter studios for Bean’s birthday treat.  There will be a fuller post about our visit later in the week, but today’s 100 Happy Days photo comes[…]

He asked for a chess board cake (though he doesn’t like chess!). Instead, I made him this   and this was his reaction    PS Could you help us out with a home ed project by sending a postcard?

My son is 8 today and he is obsessed with Harry Potter. Obsessed. And so I’ve made him this birthday cake as a surprise. It’s a two tiered gluten free lemon drizzle cake filled with lemon flavoured cream. The decoration is made from gluten free fondant icing that[…]

Hot off the back of making Harry Potter robes for Bean for Christmas, Stonelaughter decided that he would like to make a wand for Bean too. Until now he has been using a lovely piece of branch with a willow God’s eye woven on to it. It was[…]

Recently, Bean has been reading the Harry Potter books. He loves them, and has become obsessed with all things Harry. He mentioned that he would like some robes like Harry’s and so I set about finding a pattern to make them. It was hard work – there are[…]