You see, I realised that the person on the bike looked familiar to me and I panicked just a little bit. I’m pretty sure now that it was not the person I thought it might be. There’s really no reason why it would be but he has been on my mind a lot lately. My “stalker”, although that name barely scratches the surface of what he did.

It’s 15 years since his “activity” began, on 25 June 2001. I hadn’t realised until much later that he had been laying the groundwork for 6 months already by that time, in his guise as a “friend”.

Fifteen years ago, Stonelaughter and I had not yet met, but we had begun to have the odd conversation on ICQ (remember that?), having been introduced to each other. We wouldn’t actually meet for another three and a half months, but the events which led to me writing[…]