Another food related happy days post. Stonelaughter and I both really fancied salads for tea on Friday, so we had home made potato salad, salad leaves and home made rice salad. It’s the rice salad I was looking forward to most – it reminds me of the buffets we[…]

A case of simple pleasures today. Bean asked if they could make their own lunch today – he wanted pizza. Nice and simple, easy, quick – and I had things in the fridge that they could use to make them. We didn’t have pizza bases in, but I[…]

I have to admit that I have always looked at the convenience foods in supermarkets and wondered who on earth buys them. By convenience foods I mean things like ready sliced carrots and chilled mashed potato. Lately though, I’ve found or two of them sneaking into my trolley.

We play a game, my husband and I.  No, not that sort of game.  At least, that’s not what I mean.  We play a game where we find dishes for my imaginary bistro menu.  I’ve often thought I would like to run my own bistro, although not enough[…]