your garden. Has anyone else noticed the large amounts of ladybirds around recently?  When we went to the park yesterday, there were more around than I’m used to seeing, but I didn’t think anything of it really. But when we went home we sat on the back garden. […]

Aaaargh,  the day is nearly over and I haven’t posted today.  But it’s OK, I have a note from my Mum.  I’ve been in migraine hell all day and so I am totally cheating and instead of writing a post, I’m sending you over to My Borrowed Planet[…]

We all know that we need to do more as a society to protect our environment, and many of us have a few ideas on how to go about it too.  In my experience, kids have some of the most creative ideas about how we can look after[…]

So, Earth Day is upon us once again.  A day when we are encouraged to think more about how we treat (use) the planet and how we could change it for the better.  Of course, there’s a strong argument that every day should be Earth Day in that[…]