Today, the children asked if they could bake. I said yes, although since they had spent several hours to this point bickering with each other, I wasn’t relishing the prospect. However, bake they did. And they did it by working together, being nice to each other and having[…]

Cupcake Heaven … Today was the day of my cupcake decorating workshop, and I had a thoroughly enjoyable three hours surrounded by buttercream, fondant and glitter.  The idea was to learn the technique for perfect buttercream icing as well learning how to make fondant decorations for the top.[…]

Question: What do you get when you combine two days, 750g butter and flour, a dozen eggs, a kilo and a half of mascarpone and a kilo of various kinds of sugar? Answer: 75 gluten free cupcakes, topped with cream cheese icing and a chocolate heart. My challenge[…]

This week has mostly been a good week, I think, although I have had a serious case of baby brains! My three positive vibes this week are: I’m really pleased with how well making more than 6 dozen cupcakes went this week.  I made them to take into[…]