It is a truth universally acknowledged that if you shave your head in the middle of winter in the UK, your head is going to be cold. I needed a hat. I had a stash of yarn waiting for a project. And now, I have a hat. Well,[…]

Many of the gifts we gave this Christmas were home made and I thought it might be nice to write about them. For Plum and my youngest niece I made crocheted anklets with jingle bells attached. Unfortunately, I didn’t take photos of the set I made for my[…]

Everywhere I look there is wool in my house. I currently have five different projects on the go. Three of them are all but finished. Last month’s shrug is still waiting to be stitched together, after I tried to do it too late at night and stitched the[…]

March has been and gone, April has well and truly started and it’s time to see if I met any of my goals for (Inter)National Crochet Month, which I set out in this post. I think it might be fair to say that I was a little ambitious[…]

Last week I posted about a cake I made, a rich, gluten free chocolate fudge cake. Apart from being a lovely indulgent treat for this coeliac, it was an entry into a Shibaguyz Designz competition to promote International Crochet Month. The challenge was to spread the word about ICM in as creative a way as possible. There were several hints that cake would be looked upon favourably.