Just about managing to get this done in time today. It’s been an odd day – the children are all full of cold and were very lack lustre, and I’ve been dancing around the edges of a migraine all day. I went to bed for three hours earlier[…]

Yeay! I finished a crochet project which I really love.  I can’t show you it (yet) though, because it’s a present. Finishing it means something else can move up the priority list. Currently on the list:

Today’s happy day photo comes courtesy of the postman. This morning he brought me a letter with some very good news, but the photo comes from the parcel I went to collect at lunchtime. I had completely forgotten I had ordered this little kit, so it was a[…]

As if the year isn’t going by quickly enough, I’ve realised the taking part in the Moogly CAL is underlining just how quickly that is happening – here we are, at the end of square number 5. That means we’re almost a quarter of the way through the[…]

Today, I finished a project I have been working on. That it, I have almost finished it. I need the filling for it, which I can get tomorrow, but the making, details and all are finished, all that is required is a few stitches to seal it up.[…]

So, you may remember I posted about taking part in the Moogly Afghan CAL this year.  So far, four squares have been posted, and I’ve completed them all. A new one is posted every other Thursday.  I’ve since decided to make 4 extra blankets though; three for Christmas[…]