Last year (!) I posted about how I had decided to make presents for the adults in our family this year, as our budget was more stretched than we had been used to since I gave up my teaching salary.  In fact, I rather enjoyed it, leaving aside[…]

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was lucky enough to receive two Kirsty Allsop craft books for Christmas and I have been keen to start trying my hand at some of the projects in them. After lots of reading and umming and ahhing, I finally decided[…]

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat …. … and it’s times like these when I realise just how much spare cash we had when we were both in full time employment. It’s the first Christmas since I packed in teaching, and although we’re doing OK, we[…]

Well, I’ve posted a few times about my need to forulate a coherent plan for the future instead of having all of these ideas floating around my head, fighting each other for position.  I was uncharacteristically decisive this week and decided on the main focus of my energies[…]

I’ve been a busy bee today and it feels good. Back in February, I decided I needed some proper space for my crafting – using my computer desk just wasn’t working. Thanks to Freecycle, I got an enormous desk ideal for my craft work which has gone into[…]