Hot off the back of making Harry Potter robes for Bean for Christmas, Stonelaughter decided that he would like to make a wand for Bean too. Until now he has been using a lovely piece of branch with a willow God’s eye woven on to it. It was[…]

I’ve been a little bit quiet on here of late – a consequence of being so busy making things for Christmas.  I will post about the things I’ve made over the course of the next couple of weeks, but here’s the first instalment, and one which the children[…]

I posted a tutorial on making a Christmas tree out of old catalogues and gift brochures last year, on another blog. That post has since been lost, and I have recently been asked if I can resurrect the tutorial, so here it is! 

Following on from last week… so now you can make puppets to go in that theatre that I know you all made after last week’s tutorial 😉

Are you creative?  Would you like to work for yourself, or add another string to your bow if you’re already self-employed? Precious Memories are looking for creative parents who would like to open a studio in their area.  We have enquiries coming in from all over the UK[…]