I am in danger. Real danger. I am in danger of becoming a housewife, living in domestic bliss. Maybe It’s been three years since I worked “outside the home” although for the first 18 months of that I was officially still employed, albeit on a mix of sick[…]

This is just a quick one, so to speak. Did you know (and I bet you didn’t) that I have a brand new gluten free cooking blog, called The Sated Coeliac, full of taste-tastic gluten free recipes, mouth-watering photos, and news and such from the gluten free world?[…]

With Valentine’s Day firmly behind us your thoughts might not be on spending hours making a romantic meal for two.  Just as well if you’re considering making the following food (especially if your date is a vampire…).  There’s enough garlic in this to finish off the Cullens and[…]

As you know, I love to cook and I feel lucky that Bean seems to have inherited this from me.  He sees me in the kitchen, cooking food he loves every day and he asks so many questions about it all.  What the different ingredients are, why I’m[…]