Yesterday, I took Bean and Plum to Twin Lakes to have breakfast with Santa. We got up whilst it was still dark and set off early – we had to be there by 8am. The children had no idea what we were doing; I didn’t tell them what[…]

So here we are in our first week of home education. Bean wants to get straight in and get on with it, though some of our recent conversations have revealed that he thought our “lessons” would be much like school. When I explained again how I saw it[…]

Last year (!) I posted about how I had decided to make presents for the adults in our family this year, as our budget was more stretched than we had been used to since I gave up my teaching salary.  In fact, I rather enjoyed it, leaving aside[…]

I’m sitting here at twenty to one on Christmas morning, waiting to go to bed. The children are in bed, the presents are wrapped and under the tree. The mince pie has been eaten, soda water (don’t ask!) drunk, carrot nibbled and evidence of such dutifully left on[…]

And by Purist, I mean in a chocolate sense of course. I love chocolate, it’s no secret. I love lots of different types of chocolate. I have spent the week making different flavoured chocolates and truffles to give away as gifts. Most of all though, I love good,[…]