All children have them; that internal Sat-Navs that seems to alert them to the nearest McDonald’s,  soft play centre, or whatever else it is that they love to go.  They seem work unerringly well in these situations. Today however,  my children all seem to have faulty Sat-Navs.  There[…]

A-Z Challenge letter: D – Daughter         A little while ago, I read an article with a list of ten things to teach your daughter. And that article got me thinking. There were some things that I agreed with, some things that I really agreed with, and some[…]

I read this list of Ten Reasons Age Three is More Terrible Than Two the other day. It describes my wonderful, loving, quirky, intelligent, loud, wilful, strong, fierce three year old Plum *almost* to a tee. Almost.

PK is 13 months old. His personality is an interesting mix between Bean’s laid back attitude and Plum’s feistiness.  He has reached a phase where he is developing fast, and he is very pleased with his new abilities.

Bean has become obsessed with Harry Potter recently. He’s devouring the books, loving watching the films each Saturday afternoon. And several times a week, he calls himself Harry and pretends he’s at Hogwarts. He likes to get Plum involved in these games too, and tells her she is[…]