This week a local mum was told she couldn’t breastfeed her baby in a cafe after customers had complained about another mum doing the same on another day. You can read the story here. I thought we were passed this.  I thought that in 2011, we could reasonably[…]

I recently trained as a breastfeeding peer supporter.  When I first applied to do the role, I had a different idea of what it would entail.  I thought it would mean helping out at a breastfeeding support group but perhaps not much more.  It does involve doing this,[…]

A very quick post today because I’ve been out all day, and am tired. Plum has been unwell all week and if by turns very grumpy and very tired. But anyway. I helped someone!

Well, I think I can reasonably call my small part of Breastfeeding Awareness Week a great success! As well as the wonderful breastfeeding journeys that I was able to share here on the blog, I was able to help raise awareness and offer support to other breastfeeding mums.[…]

Sophie is another peer supporter who decided to give something back after the support she received herself.   When my son Josh was born I was a very naive 21 year old first time mum, and I think to be honest I just expected it to be easy[…]