Here we are on a Friday evening, kids playing, adults happily listening to music from my car playlist which has, this evening, decided to play lots of things we haven’t heard for aaaaages. It’s all good. And then PK gets excited about the fact that he doesn’t wear nappies anymore,[…]

Dear PK re: 4am bedtimes My dear little man, I really appreciate your efforts to make our late nights more like my late nights of old. I think perhaps I should have been more specific though. Being vomited on at 2am was never something I enjoyed. Apparently this[…]

Dear PK, once upon a time, Mama was quite used to staying up til 4am. It was fun. But I was younger then, with far fewer responsibilities. It generally involved (lots of) alcohol, loud music and dancing. Your way of doing 4am becomes is not nearly as much[…]

When Dr William Sears coined the term babywearing in the 1980s, I’m fairly sure he meant it to mean “the use of all the various types of baby slings”, and not “wearing babies as a fashion accessory” (at least we hope so!) In fairness to the human race,[…]