Earlier today I emailed my MP about the possible vote taking place in Parliament on Wednesday about Murdoch’s bid to take over BSkyB. In my opinion, it was always a bad idea to allow one person/organisation to control so much of our media, but given the current crop[…]

Time To Stand Up to Murdoch There’s a close vote in parliament about Rupert Murdoch’s latest power grab THIS WEDNESDAY! I’ve just emailed my MP and told them to stand up to Murdoch. It’s easy and it only takes two minutes. Click here to get started

I wrote the following as a note on Facebook yesterday.  And then I saw the evening news, and decided it needed a larger audience.  The media seems to be state-run when it comes to covering the strikes over pensions, so much so that I genuinely think the majority[…]

We all know that when it comes to feeding babies, breast is best. Whether a mother chooses to breastfeed or not there are undeniable health benefits, for herself and her baby, when a baby is breastfed. Of course, not everyone chooses to breastfeed and formula companies are constantly[…]

Did you see Great British Waste Menu on BBC1 last night? If you did, then you’re probably shocked/angered/mortified/upset by the amount of perfectly edible food that gets thrown away every day.  If you didn’t see the programme, go and watch it on iPlayer. Go! There are lots of[…]