I suspect that many people reading this will already know about Matilda Mae, but I know some won’t. On February 2 this year, Jennie from Edspire put her nine month old daughter to bed as normal. Within a few short hours, Matilda Mae had fallen asleep forever. I[…]

Ahh, it’s that time of year again – the start of the run of talent shows that will take us right up to Christmas. And kicking them off was The Voice. Do you watch The Voice? We do. Bean loves it. He likes trying to guess who will[…]

There is a growing trend at the moment. We see it every other week on the news. A child has racked up thousands of pounds worth of charges on in-game purchases on a tablet. And they didn’t know they were doing it. I can imagine, as a parent,[…]

Around 18 months, I wrote this post about a number of t-shirts which glorified rape and were available for sale in the UK.  I was absolutely appalled and so were lots of other people. And quite rightly. I said it then and I’ll say it again now. Rape[…]

Today, Save the Children have launched their new campaign “95 Babies” and it’s an important message they want to get out there. IF EVERY MUM HAD THE HELP THEY NEED TO BREASTFEED THEIR BABY DURING THE FIRST FRAGILE MOMENTS AFTER BIRTH WE COULD SAVE 95 TINY LIVES EVERY[…]

It’s called “How Do You Check Yours?”

The idea is that you post one of a series of “cheeky” updates, followed by the phrase “How do you check yours?” and a link to this page, which contains links to videos of how and when to check breasts and testicles, what symptoms to look for, where to go for support and how you can donate to a cancer charity.

Are you with me?