Stonelaughter and I popped along to the local pub when he had finished work, taking the children with us, the local pub being where our polling station is situated. Bean is always interested in going along with us to vote – he finds the whole thing incredibly interesting[…]

A little while ago, I read a couple of articles (here and here) which echoed the thoughts I had been having myself on the same topic. Consent. Particularly, the consent of children. How do we teach children about consent, that consent (theirs or someone else’s) is important? Think about[…]

I read this article recently about tongue tie and the delays parents experience in getting treatment for their child. I’ve seen a lot of articles about it recently.  I’ve put off writing about this because it still feels so close and raw at times, but it is important.[…]

A few days ago, I wrote a post in response to an article about raising girls – an article which was, essentially, complete tosh in my opinion. Well, guess what? The same publication has come out with this gem and I find it even more ridiculous. It’s just[…]