So, those of you who watched my video on the Harmony Headwraps You Tube channel about why I wrap will know that I cover because I feel called to do so by Goddess. You’ll also know that I didn’t know any more than that … (if you haven’t seen[…]

Religion and children. What’s the right thing to do? As a former teacher of religious studies, I feel strongly that children should be able to learn about many religions and be able to choose which, if any, they wish to follow. If their parents are religious, they might[…]

Another place we visited whilst in Somerset at the end of last month was the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury.  I’ve been here before, as has Stonelaughter, and I was keen to visit again, especially as I feel like I am finally reconnecting with Goddess in a way I haven’t[…]

Earlier this month we went to the LinDhu Gathering in Lincolnshire and I said last week that I would post more about what we got up to. There were all kinds of workshops on over the weekend – some free, some charged, but covering all kinds of things.[…]

Today brought a surprise package. Well, not quite a surprise, because I knew it was coming, although I didn’t know exactly when and I had no idea what would be in it. On Ravelry, I’m a member of a Pagan crafters’ group and each Sabbat, they organise a[…]

Imbolc is the time when we begin to really see the light return and the first signs of renewed life start showing themselves. As an eclectic pagan family; we don’t follow Wicca and avoid formalised ritual and so our celebrations rarely include particular words or actions. And of[…]