It’s funny the things that can you make you happy. Today, these arrived lovely, comfy new gardening wellies.  Which means that these

Another busy day here yesterday, so busy, I didn’t get chance to post this! The morning was filled with Maths, and watching The Railway Children, which Bean is a little bit obsessed with. He’s read the book and this is the second time he’s watched the film. I[…]

A-Z Challenge letter: Z – Zesty It’s the last day – we made it! I’ve enjoyed doing this challenge, and am pleased that I managed to find a topic for each letter that I thought was worth writing (and reading) about. I am in awe of those participants[…]

A-Z Challenge letter: Y – Yue       Today I would like to introduce you to another Barefoot author. Guo Yue is an acclaimed musician, playing the dizi and bawu (Chinese bamboo flute and reed pipe respectively). He currently lives in London and records for Real Word[…]

Today has been a good day. This morning, after a late start, Bean did some reading and maths, Plum completed another lesson on Reading Eggs* (with lots of giggles) and PK happily played. After lunch, Bean and I went to the allotment for a couple of hours. It[…]

A-Z Challenge letter: X – Xanthe       She speaks like a woman spitting jewels Xanthe Gresham is a storyteller and author. She has travelled the world with her performance storytelling shows. Having grown up in the UK and studied literature at Oxford, Xanthe has spent much[…]