It’s been a while since I’ve done a TFI post, but I think it’s warranted today. Since September, one of my priorities has been helping to organise the Christmas Market at my son’s school. My task was finding and booking stallholders, which is quite a task – co-ordinating[…]

One thing it did bring today was my new shed. At the moment, it is just a shed, but give me a few days and it will be my new studio. So far, it’s had a coat of white emulsion as a base coat, and tomorrow I will start with painting the actual colour on the walls and ceiling and finally the floor will be done. Then the work will begin – moving in my equipment and making it look nice for clients.

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Busy, busy today – running around sorting out a few last minute things before driving mysef and Plum to Oxford for the Barefoot Book annual UK conference which begins today. 1. I’m really looking forward to the conference.  Tonight is time for a chat with other ambassadors, over[…]

A third of the way through June already; this year is flying by.  Bean has nearly finished his first year at school!  Today’s positive thinking: 1. I’m really very lucky and grateful to have such a supportive husband.  This week has been a struggle for me and I[…]

Ahh, the end of half term week.  A little older, a lot greyer… Positive vibes this week … 1.  I am very grateful that this morning’s pre-8am, pre-caffeine philosophical discussion with 5 year old Bean was short lived.  You’d think a philosophical discussion with a 5 year old[…]