Time to come home from the conference. After a little lie-in, it was time to pack up the car, meet up with some team members for a final chat about some strategies and we were off. My lazy start to the day (which was miraculously hangover free!) included[…]

The final day of the Barefoot Books Ambassador Conference saw another 7.45am start, another boatload of caffeine (hazelnut latte for me this morning!) and more photography from the lovely Amy – this time group shots, complete with paper flowers in our hair! Saturday was full on – the[…]

The Barefoot Books conference kicked off at 7.45am on Friday morning, when the leaders gathered at the Oxford Studio to drink boatloads of caffeine and have their headshots taken by photographer extraordinaire Amy, who was documenting the whole conference. After breakfast of pastries and fresh fruit, we went[…]

A bit behind with this, but don’t worry – I have all the photos, there was just no time to post them. I’ve been at the Barefoot Books* European Ambassador Conference and was so busy I couldn’t find time to blog! And 100 Happy Days is one thing[…]

A tongue in cheek picture today, and I’m sure a few of you can sympathise with this one. This is the bottom of my laundry basket: and I can’t remember the last time I saw it! I’ve taken a photo because it might be an awful long time[…]

After Plum’s dance classes this morning, I took the boys to the allotment this afternoon. PK immediately wanted to be out of the sling and walking around, so off he went, with Bean trailing him to keep him out of trouble. Trouble in the case would be other[…]