A completely different feel to today’s 100 Happy Days.  Today, we went to our “local” butcher, The Holbrook Meat Shop. He’s actually a 20 minute drive away, but it is worth it.  The meat tastes so much better than supermarket offerings. And it’s so much cheaper.

Today has been a fab day and one the whole family has been looking forward to. Today we went to the Harry Potter studios for Bean’s birthday treat.  There will be a fuller post about our visit later in the week, but today’s 100 Happy Days photo comes[…]

I have joined a new bloggers’ book club, in the hope that it will force me to make time to read – I miss it when I don’t get time to read for relaxation.  This is the first book we are reading (it’s a Kindle club, which suits[…]

It feels (today at least) as though Spring has finally sprung, and this afternoon we took advantage of the lovely weather and walked to the park. It was quiet (being as most children were in school) and so it was easy to keep my eye on Plum and[…]

Today, I finished a project I have been working on. That it, I have almost finished it. I need the filling for it, which I can get tomorrow, but the making, details and all are finished, all that is required is a few stitches to seal it up.[…]

Well today had been an odd day for all kinds of reasons, but late this afternoon we out for a meal as a family, with the children’s grandparents. Stonelaughter took this photo of me just as Bean made me roar with laughter. So today, the humour of children[…]