Today has been one of those  days. It started being one of those  days when Stonelaughter left the house this morning to go to London for the day. He left over 2 hours later than he usually starts work, but the minute he closed the front door, all three children[…]

This is one of two large boxes of books, puzzles, puppets and games from Barefoot Books* that I delivered to a children’s centre in Derbyshire this afternoon. This makes me very happy indeed. Sixty four brand new books and games and puzzles and puppets off to a new[…]

My boy came home today!  We all missed each other a lot, but he had an amazing time visiting Legoland and Windsor Castle with his grandparents.  He came home buzzing with things to tell us. And then we all went for lunch and stuffed ourselves silly with ice[…]

Today, our friends Raven and Susan visited. They are in the UK for a month, having moved to Brisbane a few years ago.  It was great to see Raven again and to meet Susan for the first time. And Plum and PK loved them both to bits –[…]

This morning was a lovely morning – another pamper morning with some lovely mums and their equally lovely children. Unfortunately, the afternoon did not follow suit and turned out to be incredibly trying. And so this feels well deserved. And is making me happy again. Cheers!

This morning I took Plum and PK to work with me. I was booked to showcase our books and business opportunity at a mums and babies pamper morning. I was really looking forward to it – it was so peaceful and relaxing last time I did one and[…]