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Inside my head was not a nice place last night, or early today. Yesterday’s post will explain a lot of the reasons for that. It was dark and chaotic, in the way minds tend to be when long buried memories surface and you wish they hadn’t. And so it[…]

You might have noticed that recently, I’ve laid some old ghosts to rest (here, here and here). On the whole, it’s been a pretty successful exercise and I know it’s done me the world of good. Dealing with those three things though, has brought back to the surface[…]

Organisation. I’d like to think it’s my strong point, but I know it isn’t. I can carry off the organised look sometimes, when it counts, even though I’m kicking frantically under the water. I’m often disorganised though, and that stems from my inability to remember things.   I[…]

Grrrrrr. I buy many of my headscarves from the US. The company I buy them from sources them from all over the world and they choose ones that can be wrapped in the way needed for headscarves. I can buy patterned scarves easily in the UK, and so[…]

It’s that time of year again and my anxiety rears its head like clockwork. That might seem strange since I don’t have to get any children sorted for the new term, and I’m no longer getting myself sorted for a new term. If only it were that easy. It’s[…]