I threw myself wholeheartedly into being a Mum. A home educating Mum. And it was good.

But lately I have come to realise that it’s not enough. And I feel that I am somehow betraying my children by saying that. But there it is. Being a Mum is not enough anymore. Not on its own.

Sooo, I accidentally took a month off. I didn’t intend to, but January was chaotic to say the least.  It started with us battling the insurance company over our car. Some idiot crashed into my car when it was parked outside my house, and they didn’t bother to stop. We battled[…]

I don’t like setting resolutions – I think it’s too much pressure to put on yourself. Instead, I’m setting myself some goals for the coming year. If I don’t complete them, it’s OK, I can always do them later. If I change my mind and it’s no longer[…]

I love stationery. Always have done. I don’t mean utility items like hole punches and envelopes, but pens, notebooks, paper …. Notebooks are my big indulgence. I can’t resist a gorgeous notebook, which is why have load of them around the house, each one partly used (and some long[…]

I live in the East Midlands, a little North of Nottingham. I am aware that to many of you, that will put me firmly in The North. But I grew up in the North East, a little South of Newcastle, in a place that regarded North Yorkshire as[…]

Last week, I mentioned on Facebook that I saw considering wearing a nose ring again. I wondered if I was too old for it now. I got my nose pierced in my first year at uni, but wore various studs until my 21st birthday, when I changed it[…]